If you've been dreaming of learning ancient Indian systems for natural healing—while nourishing your body, mind and soul with healthy meals, meditation techniques, and incredible culture—join us for 2 weeks of bliss-filled discovery.

At the edge of the Arabian Sea, you gaze at an epic sunrise from a swaying hammock. Your eyes close to the sound of waves caressing the shimmering shoreline and the scent of coconut oil drifting through your aura. Who knew you could feel this utterly relaxed after that divine Indian head massage?


Then again, these wonder-filled days in Ayurvedic paradise have been beyond dreamy. The daily rhythm of yoga with fresh, colorful meals gently restores your body to a beautiful state of health. And early morning meditations in complete silence have revealed your long-lost inner bliss. All this delicious me-time generates a kind of happiness that lights up every corner of your being. Finally, you can feel the sparkling magic of NOW!

Step into a BEAUTIFUL dream on this authentic South India soul journey!


From palm-fringed backwaters to jungles brimming with birdsong, rejuvenate deeply on this 16-day restorative journey through South India.


Wishing for a whimsical voyage to unplug from daily life?

Dare to venture into the extraordinary! Whether riding the rails through mystical landscapes or cruising by Kettuvallam past sun-soaked beaches, South India rewards the open-hearted wanderer.

Explore a mesmerizing array of dance, ceremony, cuisine and crafts that are sure to ignite your inspiration! By the end of this trip, your cup will be filled with revelations that have the power to illuminate your destiny!


Long overdue for some delicious rest and relaxation?

This is the me-time you've been craving! How amazing would it be to slow right down and recharge in India? Get pampered at a luxury resort, soak up serenity in tropical forests, and melt into relaxation on secluded beaches.

Plus, you'll learn secrets for happiness from Ayurveda (a holistic health science), discover your bliss through Dhyana (meditation), and experience real self-love with Svadhyaya (self-study). See what magic unfolds when YOU are the #1 priority in your life!


Ready to remove ‘stuck’ energy and float into freedom?

It's time for your next big breakthrough! And you'll use 'off-the-mat' yoga to do it! With Yin Yoga, discover the the courage to let go of draining histories and future expectations so you can return to present joy.

Raj Yoga will equip you with tools to express your truth and set healthy boundaries. Finally, we’ll experience Karma Yoga through acts of compassion that can replenish your reserves. The result? A life bursting with enthusiasm!

Remind me one more time why I need to be there!

Because Ganesha says so! And because you are a shining star of love, light and perfection. Sound crazy? You'll believe it after experiencing this beautifully crafted journey to honor your body, love with an open heart, and live your authentic life!

As you nourish Atman (the soul) you'll become strong from the inside out and start to realize your full potential. What better place than India to explore your inner riches? It’s time to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with every aspect of who you are!


Open your heart chakra to healing, magic and miracles so you can reveal your beautiful tomorrow!


Our journey begins and closes in Tamil Nadu, where classical civilizations and modern marvels intertwine like the roots of a peepal tree. Welcoming smiles from locals soften the hot chaos of bustling cities to reveal a divine undercurrent that intoxicates the spirit.


Captivated by Chennai

Dance is a form of poetry that reveals nuanced stories about Tamil people. At Kalakhestra School of Dance we may catch a glimpse of Bharata Natyam, a classical style with spectacular footwork.

Kapleeshwarar temple is a stunning introduction of Dravidian architecture, with two towering gatehouses and a myriad of playful carvings that invite the imagination. On your way through the courtyard you’ll pass a holy Punnai, the oldest tree in all of Chennai and witness temple priests perform daily pooja (rituals).

Afterwards, we’ll gather with locals on Marina Beach and enjoy chickpea sundal, a popular tea-time snack. While meandering through the electric crowd, take part in the energetic mela (carnival) atmosphere or wander into peaceful Ashtalakshmi temple for another divine ceremony.

Mystical Madurai

The ‘madhura’ (sweetness) of this city is embedded in the name itself. With flourishing grand bazaars, there’s no shortage of delightful shops, including a dedicated banana market!

While weaving through winding alleys, Meenakshi beckons from the distance with her 12 massive towers that won’t be ignored. Inside the temple complex, couples wait to be married, fire-worshipping devotees smear tikkas on their brows, and the hall of 1,000 pillars is sheer eye-candy.


You’ll be entranced during an unforgettable night ceremony in which Lord Shiva is carried out from his shrine by priests. His chariot is fanned, pooja is performed, and the rhythmic chanting accompanied by beating drums will leave you vibrating with spiritual energy.


Often referred to as God’s Own Country, this verdant region is blessed with unparalleled natural beauty. A true paradise on Earth, here you’ll enjoy a laid-back approach to life, luxurious ayurvedic pampering, and an endless array of tropical fruits.


Backwater Bliss in Kumarakom

Tucked away from the frenzy of modern life, Kumarakom is a spiritual haven dotted with luxury resorts. Our main agenda is an immersive experience of Ayurveda for four glorious days. While giving your mind, body and soul the royal treatment, there will be plenty of time to explore life around Vembanad Lake, including walking tours of nearby villages where warm-hearted locals will embrace you like family.   


Each day will begin with meditation and sunrise yoga. Afternoons can be spent floating on the glistening backwaters in a charming houseboat or paddling past quaint towns on a country canoe ride. There will be plenty of time to experience vibrant traditions such as dramatic Kathkali plays, Kalari Payattu martial arts, live flute and tabla music, or crafts like mat weaving. In the evenings, you’ll drift into heavenly slumber to the sounds of a flowing river and crickets chirping.

Wild & Free Wayanad

Just being bathed in the soul-quenching greenery of the Western Ghats is enough to replenish the spirit. Lush forests attract plenty of wildlife including a gorgeous display of exotic birds. Nestled within are small villages where indigenous tribes have preserved their traditional way of life. We may even cross paths on one of our nature walks!

This is your time to unwind! Cozy up with a book in the pristine surroundings, head to the spa for an afternoon of relaxation, or seek out a thrill with a spontaneous zip-line excursion. We’ll spend three fabulous days rejuvenating in this cool mountain paradise.


Kannur: A Cultural Gem


Grab a beach towel you’re going to the Malabar Coast! We’ll be staying near serene Thottada Beach, a hidden destination with unblemished white sands and very few tourists. Enjoy a meditative experience listening to the breeze blowing through coconut fronds.

If we can peel ourselves away from the sun-soaked sand, we’ll explore the local handloom weaving tradition. And in the evening there’s Theyyam, a heart-stopping ritual dance that is bound to excite. The stunning make-up and ornate costumes definitely entices the eye… and perhaps there will be fire.

Idyllic Munnar

Earthy tea plantations, warm tropical rains, and delicately spiced curries make this hill station a favorite for travelers. You’ll see women picking tea leaves on a sunny afternoon and visit a tea museum to learn about the process of cutting and bagging tea.

We’ll go on a wonderful spice walk to connect with farmers who grow the ingredients for scrumptious Keralan cuisine. Later, let’s try our hand at cooking then enjoy a traditional meal together. We can close out the evening with our own special tea ceremony!



Travel by train through an off-the-beaten-track state adorned with evergreen hills, glittering palaces, and wild elephants. Quaint marketplaces showcase artisanal talent in wood, stone, and cloth creations.

Magical Mysuru

A charming retreat into a fairytale kingdom, complete with palaces and a royal residence. Peruse the finest silks, spices and sandalwood at Devaraja Market. Indulge in the regal splendor of golden Chamundeshwari temple, which offers a breathtaking view of the cityscape from above. At dusk, gaze in awe at thousands of brilliant lights that decorate the palace facade.


Mysuru is a mecca for Ashtanga yogis, a lineage founded by world-renowned teacher Shri K Pattabhi Jois, whose popular yoga institute is in this city. We’ll be spending an entire day absorbed in yogic study and practice at a local shala (yoga studio). With so many students flocking here to learn trade secrets from resident gurus, this is bound to be a beautiful experience of yogic routine for all levels.

Unplug from your busy life and step into a wondrous new world! This journey offers plenty of time to reflect in natural beauty, to appreciate devotional ceremonies, and to gain new perspectives from welcoming locals. Come with us!!!

Are you ready to say YES to this mystical, magical, musical adventure of a lifetime?

Indulge Your Spirit

Ahhhh….. now that feels absolutely amazing!


Indians have rejuvenation down to a fine art. Rich oil massages with fresh sesame, neem or coconut oil are part of an unbroken tradition of healing wisdom. Soothe away tension with a divine full-body massage, including a delicious foot rub plus head massage that will feel more like a gift from the Gods. Rose incense (or sandalwood if you prefer!) carry you deep into a relaxed oasis. While your body is hydrated and your mind becomes still, your soul is transported to a space of total bliss.


Beyond feeling like absolute heaven, Ayurveda opens the gateway to a lifetime of wellness based on 5000 years of practice. Through personalized consultations, you’ll learn to look after your unique doshic balance (body-mind constitution). Eating for your dosha, understanding your natural daily rhythm, and cultivating a positive state of mind will boost immunity and energy. Imagine reconnecting with yourself through this beautiful science and bringing your personalized self-care routine back home!

It’s time to live and give from a place of abundance!

Colorful, Flavorful and Fresh

Your inner foodie will be absolutely floored!


South India is world-famous for its mouthwatering masala dosas (crepes), coconut chutneys (condiments) and tangy sambar (soup), yet there is so much more for the palate to explore. Aromatic spices like cardamom, nutmeg, and cumin mingle with fresh veggies to create an endless parade of divine curries and soups. The varied combinations of sour tamarind, sweet jaggery, and spicy chilies offer exciting melodies that might make you break out in song!

Eager to try it all? Banana leaf rice meals let you sample many dishes on one scrumptious journey through taste. Every bite offers a surprising new twist for the tongue.

And for you dessert-lovers, the bounty of exotic fruits is enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. With juicy pineapples, sweet and sour sherbet berries, and refreshing sugar plums, the flavors will carry you away to nirvana!


Feed Your Mind, Body & Soul

Coconut, moringa, turmeric and more; there’s no shortage of healthful produce in this lush region. Yet for Indians, a nourishing meal is more than nutritional value. When infused with love and laughter, food carries a positive vibration we take into our souls.

On farms we’ll connect with passionate growers, in kitchens we’ll appreciate creative chefs, and at the table, we’ll savor the divine result. Discover the true meaning of soul food!

'Living Atman' Abroad

Exploring India with a passionate group of humans who eat, spend and travel conscientiously sets this experience apart from the rest.


Healthy plant-based meals, eco-friendly accommodations and supporting local tourism... our trips are lovingly designed with Mother Nature in mind. Like you, respecting and protecting the places we go and the people we meet is a priority for us.

Experience the kind of fun and adventure that is possible while fueling the greater good!


Five Truths to Guide Your Way

Our journeys integrate the wisdom of India on a deeper level. The way we do things at Living Atman makes this adventure truly unique!

> The way we EAT

Ahimsa ~Non-Violence
To experience Kindness

> The way we LIVE

Santosha ~Contentment
To experience Happiness

> The way we SHOP

Moksha ~Detachment
To experience Freedom


> The way we THINK

Svadhyaya ~Self-Knowledge
To experience Stability

> The way we TRAVEL

Yatra ~Sacred Journey
To experience Enrichment


Take Action for the Greater Good

Facing the drama and trauma in our world can be exhausting. Lift your spirits by sharing your gifts from a place of abundance.

The “seva mindset” emphasizes inner well-being, so we don’t deplete ourselves when working towards the betterment of society through our actions. Are you ready to make a real difference?

Join us and fill your cup to the brim!


This is your ONE amazing, wild, challenging, crazy life! See how these five simple truths can empower and excite you for years to come.

Ready to make this dream a reality?

On this trip, you will:

  • Connect to Atman (soul) and awaken your bliss, love and happiness.
  • Live and breathe the 5 principles of Living Atman.
  • Expand through daily yoga, meditation or ayurveda.
  • Learn how India’s wisdom can be adapted for life in the West.
  • Travel with like-minded humans who are passionate about creating a better world.
  • Replenish your reserves with soul-filling delights, like an ayurvedic treatment.

In case we haven’t spoiled you enough!

  • We’ll start a 4-class Soul Connection series in January with special practices to prepare for your authentic India adventure.
  • You’ll be added to a private FB group to share photos, stories and revelations.
  • You'll receive a followup group coaching call with Meenu! She'll guide you through challenges around integrating your learnings into your day-to-day life.

Together, Meenu and Michelle are powering Living Atman's wellness retreats to North and South India in 2020. They hold space to allow others to open up and have experiences that can be truly enlightening. 


Meenu Deol

-Soul-powered Retreat Leader & Cultural Interpreter

The first thing people notice about me is my smile. What people don’t see is all the work that’s gone into keeping it! I was raised by immigrant parents who taught me eastern concepts about being a good human. Inspired by their teachings, I became vegetarian when it was unpopular, I learned money didn’t equal success, and I understood my most valuable possessions were mental and physical health.

However, the allure of mainstream culture was strong so I pushed everything aside and prioritized 'success'. Until I found myself--an A+ university student living my fabulous life in a cute little condo in Toronto--spiraling into depression. I had been so laser-focused on my 'goal journey' that I had neglected my 'soul journey'.

Luckily, the wisdom I received started to blossom. I turned to therapy, yoga, meditation, and self-study to reconcile my hybrid identity, recover from the trauma of death, move past familial dysfunction, overcome depression, release climate anxiety and even make peace with arachnids (still not cuddly though).

Today, I walk with lightness, joy, and most importantly freedom. I teach others how to live their purpose through transformational journeys in India, a place that has taught me so much about life, love and laughter!

Meenu has completed many courses in Yoga & Meditation, including Yin Yoga, Kundalini Level 1, and Brahma Kumaris Advanced Course. Meenu uses her unique east-west perspective to empower individuals to thrive in today's often challenging world.


Michelle Villarosa

-Heart-based Ambassador of Soul-Alignment & Inner Happiness

I believe our life experiences lead us closer to who we are meant to be - radiating, peaceful, joyous souls. For me travel has been a powerful conduit for awe-inspiring reflection. The most provoking realizations arise from simple interactions, watching candle-lit prayers float down the Ganga, listening in stillness to the wild sounds in the Borneo rainforest, or sharing laughs with local lantern crafters in Vietnam. These experiences show us how we’re all connected, to others, to nature, to spirit. I’m honoured to guide you on our journey through India as you find your magic and come home to your true self.

Michelle is a non-stop learner passionate about connecting and lifting others. She’s currently building a retreat sanctuary in South East Asia.


Ravi Sharma

-Local Connector

An amazing human with so much wisdom and love to share! Ravi will be with us to ensure logistics go smoothly. He truly understands what Living Atman is all about, so we are thrilled to have him onboard for our upcoming experiences.


"We are here to love each other, serve each other, and uplift each other."

I’ve attended several Living Atman events now and I realized that you don’t just put on an event, you’re creating experiences that touch on the human condition, invoke thought, enrich the soul, and encourage the heart. These events can have such a profound, awakening impact.
— Sandra G. ~ Burnaby, BC ~ February 2017

The Experience


What's Included

  • Daily yoga, meditation, or sacred ceremony and study of your soul qualities.
  • Meenu will be sharing wisdom throughout the trip, plus lots of juicy conversation with like-minded humans!
  • Boutique and luxury accommodations, including tips
  • Vegetarian breakfasts at delightful restaurants across South India
  • Transportation and guide for our day trips and excursions
  • Train and private automobile travel during our adventure
  • Admission fees for all attractions and sites we plan to see together
  • Transport to and from the airport (at designated times only)

What's Not Included

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Lunches, dinners, extra meals and snacks
  • Other non-included items would be souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (highly recommended)

Flight Information


Chennai International Airport (MAA) on February (Date TBA), 2020 between 1-4pm. 
Arrive in the late afternoon to catch the airport shuttle we've pre-booked for you. 


Chennai International Airport (MAA) on February (Date TBA), 2020 after breakfast.
Depart in morning/afternoon to catch the airport shuttle we've pre-booked for you.

*We can help late or early arrivals and departures arrange taxis to and from the airport (at your own cost). 



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