If you’re a loving soul feeling disenchanted in today’s shocking world, then empower yourself on a sacred trek through India's spiritual wonders. Learn to master chaos, reconnect with your deep inner wisdom, and experience five awesome truths for a happier life!

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Imagine wandering through crowded Delhi streets; a vendor pulls a cart of fresh mangoes while auto-rikshaw drivers chat in Hindi. You see a gorgeous white bull weave through honking cars, decorated trucks, and motorbikes carrying entire families.

Amidst the whir of activity, your mind drifts to the shores of the Ganges River with ashrams to replenish your spirit, then dreams of Himalayan monasteries where lonely wanderers have found their paths, and reaches the temples of Punjab which house the wisdom of past gurus. Sights you'll see on this trip!


You're pleasantly brought back from your daydream by the entrancing aroma of sizzling aloo tikki at a street-side stall. The chef pushes two onto the tawa griddle for you.

As you wait, a snake-charmer with his tall turban plays the flute, jubilant children dart about giggling, and a gentle dog gobbles up a piece of roti. You can't believe you're having a zen moment in one of India’s oldest megacities. It must have something to do with the Ayurvedic massage last night!

Finally! You're ready to embark on the adventures that drew your hungry soul to incredible India.


Experiencing the REAL India means freeing your soul.

From bustling megacities to tiny villages, bask in the wisdom of India on this 16-day journey for the open-hearted traveller.

You'll learn to surrender to the present moment, trust your subtle intuition, and awaken to the divine energy of this wondrous land. Make this third-eye-opening retreat your priority for 2019!


Longing for an authentic adventure in India?

We hear you! Colour and chaos, sacred cities and snow-capped mountains, India is a bustling cacophony of wonderful that will rekindle your passion for stepping into the unknown!

This unique journey combines our East-West perspective through 5 lifestyle principles so you can taste the spice of life!


Intrigued by India's rich, spiritual traditions?

You’re not alone. Scientists are in a frenzy over the benefits of sacred practices from Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu lineages.

Come take a dip in the holy waters of Amritsar, chant with monks in the Dalai Lama's hometown, and experience Rangwala Holi (Festival of Colour) amidst thousands of joyous souls. Together, let’s light up your spiritual path like never before!

Eager to step into your power?

You are a divine being and by the end of this journey, you’ll be enlightened by the teachings of past masters, sacred energy at spiritual hot spots, and lots of meditation of course!

Plus, we’ll show you the most powerful guru, Atman, resides within you. Get ready to rediscover your truth and elevate your life!


Alright, now tell me why I have to be there!

You deserve to live every day of your life with joy, that's why! In addition to travelling to must-see cities, this transformational journey will give you the tools to cope in a changing and often challenging world.

You’ll experience firsthand the 5 cardinal principles of Santosha, Ahimsa, Moksha, Gyan and Yatra (contentment, nonviolence, liberation, self-knowledge, sacred travel) and their link to Atman, your inner truth.

Even after our journey together, awareness of Atman will empower you to master your life. That's what makes this yatra truly invaluable.

Stop lusting for a life you’d love; harmonize your inner and outer worlds to realize your extraordinary potential!

It’s time to reclaim your sense of adventure! We'll visit amazing landmarks together and you’ll come back with a newfound sense of your place in the world, not to mention stories and photos that will make your friends drool!

Delhi Delights - 2 days

Your travels begin with touchdown in India's capital, where Bollywood meets Buddha (and everything in between) in a wild mash-up of people and culture. It can be a shock if this is your first visit but not to worry, we’ll take care of all the details so you'll be sipping masala chai while roaming the streets in no time.

We'll whisk you away to see Old Delhi’s markets, including a visit to the infamous Parathe-Wali Gali where you'll taste stuffed flatbread that is to die for. Spend afternoons in urban bliss exploring architectural and spiritual wonders, including Bangla Sahib Gurdwara and the Lotus Temple.


Reach destinations that truth-seekers from far and wide have traveled to for centuries.


Find Your Om in Rishikesh - 4 days

In the yoga capital of the world, you’ll meditate at Vashistha’s Cave, witness aartis with flickering flames, and visit many ashrams, including the infamous Maharishi mahesh where the Beatles stayed. Who knows which enlightened masters you’ll run into during our travels!


Jaipur is fit for royalty! - 2 days

Ready to see stunning palaces, colourful markets, and gentle elephants in a photographer's paradise? Experience the magic of Rajasthan with a tour of the unforgettable Pink City!


Festival of Colour - Come celebrate Holi with us. You'll be part of the big, happy, Indian family before you know it!

It is better to see something once
than to hear about it a thousand times...


Love and Light in Amritsar - 2 days

Imagine spending an entire day at The Golden Temple, the holiest site of the Sikhs. There, as you walk through the peaceful grounds, you'll hear the original scriptures of Guru Nanak that were also adapted for Kundalini yoga, the yoga of awareness.

As you bask in this indescribable energy, there's no telling what effect it will have on you -- especially if you're open to transformation!


Guru Granth Sahib

Experience the morning ritual of awakening the Sikh guru, a holy text, and enjoy ongoing meditations all day.



Bathe in the healing waters surrounding the temple and allow your worries to wash away.



Humble yourself in service of others and you'll feel a deep sense of connection to humanity.

Anandpur Sahib, The Holy City of Bliss - 2 days

Here, you'll be in awe at the Hola Mohalla festival, showcasing epic mock battles and all the colors of Punjab. Take in the majestic history of Takhat Keshgarh Sahib Gurdwara where the 10th Sikh Guru baptized five beloved saints. Recharge in the beautiful green gardens of Dashmesh Sadan, a spiritual haven for Kundalini yogis.


"India is vibrating with certain energy fields
which no other country can claim" - Osho


Dharamsala, India's 'Little Tibet' - 3 days

Can you imagine paying a visit to Namgyal Monastery in McLeod Ganj, the Dalai Lama's home away from home? It's the perfect place for peaceful hikes in the mountains and silent meditations alongside monks and nuns. While here, you'll soak up Buddhist traditions and experience ultimate spiritual bliss.


Homestay in Haripur - 1 day

We’ll visit the tiny Punjabi village where Meenu’s dad grew up! In cobbled towns where traditional values are strong, the warmth and hospitality of locals shines through. The community will be buzzing with excitement and eager to show us around. Who knows what spontaneous adventures we’ll have!

Together, we’ll experience cities, communities, and conversations that will inspire you for the rest of your life, if not for lifetimes to come.

Dare to catch the next plane to India for a journey like no other!

Local Eats

From hello spice-ay! to super mellow, India has flavors for every palate!


North India’s mouthwatering dishes are revered around the world for very good reason. City streets are lined with some of the oldest food joints that you'll ever see, with generations of families carrying on the tradition. You'll discover each state has its own flavourful masala mixes that are blended with fresh vegetables to create stunning curries right before your eyes.

In Delhi, taste cholay bhaturey (chickpea curry) that you'll savour till the last bite, find Mysore masala dosas with yummy coconut chutneys, enjoy spicy hakka noodles and other 'Desi-Chinese’ delights, and scarf down a scrumptious bisi bele baath from Karnataka.

Matar Chaat.jpg

You’ll travel west, where Jaipur’s thalis (platters) are sure to leave your tastebuds in a tizzy, Punjab’s hearty saag and roti will make you a believer, and Dhasa’s Tibetan-inspired thukpa (noodle soup) and momos (dumplings) will steal your heart away. Not to mention the divine kachoris and the satvic (pure) dishes in Rishikesh will keep you grounded for blissed-out days at the ashram. Of course, no trip is complete without an impromptu stop at a roadside dhaba where you can stretch your legs and enjoy a home-cooked meal.

A Deeper Meaning

Eat, Pray, Cherish

Enjoy vegetarian langar at a Sikh temple, a beautiful ritual that brings together people of all faiths for a shared experience of spirituality and to enjoy a meal with the community.

Langar is one of those experiences that will fill your belly and leave an impression on your soul.


'Living Atman' Abroad

Exploring India with a passionate group of humans who eat, spend and travel conscientiously sets this experience apart from the rest.


Healthy plant-based meals, eco-friendly accommodations and supporting local tourism... our trips are lovingly designed with Mother Nature in mind. Like you, respecting and protecting the places we go and the people we meet is a priority for us.

Experience the kind of fun and adventure that is possible while fueling the greater good!


Five Truths to Guide Your Way

These happen to be some of India's best kept secrets for a happy, healthy, holy life (thanks Mom!!!) and we are excited to share them with you. Here's a taste of what you're in for...


The way we EAT

Ahimsa ~Non-Violence

• India is perfect for all-veg foodie adventures! In fact, Rishikesh is one of many meat-free cities in the North.

• Encounters with elephants, monkeys, peacocks and other animal friends will nurture your connection to the natural world.

• Put on your chef's hat for an Indian cooking class with fresh local ingredients!

The way we LIVE

Santosha ~Contentment

• Cultivate a life full of wonder, curiosity, and a deep love for everything that is.

• Let go of draining histories and step into your radiant truth.

Discover your inner strength through guided ceremony, meditation and yoga.


The way we SPEND

Moksha ~Liberation

• Shop in a way that supports local economies, shows reverence for skilled artisans, and respects Mother Nature.

• Make a few choice purchases, like a beautiful white tunic, a stunning tapestry, or a piece of decor that brings the haveli look back home.

The way we GROW

Svadhyaya ~Self-Knowledge

• Experience spiritual study in the company of elevated souls, your sangat. You'll also see how self-knowledge is intuitively gained.

Yoga and meditations will open your heart chakra to the blessings of Mother India.

• Participate in ceremonies and rituals at the birthplaces of India’s oldest spiritual paths.


The way we TRAVEL

Yatra ~Sacred Journey

Recharge at spiritual power spots and make pilgrimages that will enrich your life long after you’ve returned home.

• More than a vacation, a Yatra is a transformative retreat that will reveal new truths about yourself.

• Travel light and leave a minimal footprint.

This is your ONE amazing, wild, challenging, crazy life! See how these five simple truths can empower and excite you for years to come.

Be The Change...


The world we know is changing rapidly, so we must maximize our peace and power through yoga, meditation and mindful living.

During this experience, you'll practice a way of being that empowers you, no matter what craziness is happening around you. How awesome is that?

Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind adventure! 

On this trip, you will:

  • Connect to Atman and awaken your power, peace and wisdom.
  • Live and breathe the 5 principles of Living Atman.
  • Expand through daily yoga, meditation or sacred ceremonies.
  • Learn how India’s wisdom can be adapted for life in the West.
  • Travel with like-minded humans who are passionate about creating a better world.
  • Experience two spectacular Indian festivals, Holi and Holla Mohalla.
  • Replenish your reserves with soul-filling delights, like an ayurvedic treatment.
  • Have the option to add a one-day tour of the stunning Taj Mahal

Don't forget the extras!

  • We’ll start a 4-class Soul Connection series before the trip with special practices to prepare for your authentic India adventure.
  • You’ll be added to a private FB group to share photos, stories and revelations.
  • You'll receive a followup group coaching call with Meenu! She'll guide you through challenges around integrating the five pillars into your day-to-day life.

Together, Meenu and Michelle are powering Living Atman's wellness retreats to North and South India in 2019. They hold space to allow others to open up and have experiences that can be truly enlightening. 


Meenu Deol

-Soul-powered Retreat Leader & Cultural Interpreter

The first thing people notice about me is my smile. What people don’t see is all the work that’s gone into keeping it! I was raised by immigrant parents who taught me eastern concepts about being a good human. Inspired by their teachings, I became vegetarian when it was unpopular, I learned money didn’t equal success, and I understood my most valuable possessions were mental and physical health.

However, the allure of mainstream culture was strong so I pushed everything aside and prioritized 'success'. Until I found myself--an A+ university student living my fabulous life in a cute little condo in Toronto--spiraling into depression. I had been so laser-focused on my 'goal journey' that I had neglected my 'soul journey'.

Luckily, the wisdom I received started to blossom. I turned to therapy, yoga, meditation, and self-study to reconcile my hybrid identity, recover from the trauma of death, move past familial dysfunction, overcome depression, release climate anxiety and even make peace with arachnids (still not cuddly though).

Today, I walk with lightness, joy, and most importantly freedom. I teach others how to live their purpose through transformational journeys in India, a place that has taught me so much about life, love and laughter!

Meenu has completed many courses in Yoga & Meditation, including Yin Yoga, Kundalini Level 1, and Brahma Kumaris Advanced Course. Meenu uses her unique east-west perspective to empower individuals to thrive in today's often challenging world.


Michelle Villarosa

-Heart-based Ambassador of Soul-Alignment & Inner Happiness

I believe our life experiences lead us closer to who we are meant to be - radiating, peaceful, joyous souls. For me travel has been a powerful conduit for awe-inspiring reflection. The most provoking realizations arise from simple interactions, watching candle-lit prayers float down the Ganga, listening in stillness to the wild sounds in the Borneo rainforest, or sharing laughs with local lantern crafters in Vietnam. These experiences show us how we’re all connected, to others, to nature, to spirit. I’m honoured to guide you on our journey through India as you find your magic and come home to your true self.

Michelle is a non-stop learner passionate about connecting and lifting others. She’s currently building a retreat sanctuary in South East Asia.


Ravi Sharma

-Local Connector

An amazing human with so much wisdom and love to share! Ravi will be with us to ensure logistics go smoothly. He truly understands what Living Atman is all about, so we are thrilled to have him onboard for our upcoming experiences.


"We are here to love each other, serve each other, and uplift each other."

I’ve attended several Living Atman events now and I realized that you don’t just put on an event, you’re creating experiences that touch on the human condition, invoke thought, enrich the soul, and encourage the heart. These events can have such a profound, awakening impact.
— Sandra G. ~ Burnaby, BC ~ February 2017

The Experience


What's Included

  • Daily yoga, meditation, or sacred ceremony and study of your soul qualities.
  • Meenu will be sharing wisdom throughout the trip, plus lots of juicy conversation with like-minded humans!
  • Boutique and luxury accommodations, including tips
  • Vegetarian breakfasts at delightful restaurants across North India
  • Transportation and guide for our day trips and excursions
  • Train and private automobile travel during our adventure
  • Admission fees for all attractions and sites we plan to see together
  • Transport to and from the airport (at designated times only)

What's Not Included

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Lunches, dinners, extra meals and snacks
  • Other non-included items would be souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (highly recommended)

Flight Information


Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) on March TBA, 2020 between 1-4pm. 
Arrive in the late afternoon to catch the airport shuttle we've pre-booked for you. 


Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) on March TBA, 2020 after breakfast.
Depart in morning/afternoon to catch the airport shuttle we've pre-booked for you.

*We can help late or early arrivals and departures arrange taxis to and from the airport (at your own cost). 



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