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Why are we doing this?

Living Atman was started by sister duo Meenu & Pawan to empower people to live a life they love while creating a better world at the same time. When we noticed friends and family were making less than optimal breakfast choices, even when they knew all the benefits, we realized awareness wasn’t enough. With the dizzying array of recipes and tips on the web, it’s easy to feel super overwhelmed by all the information. Where do you start? 

We’re going to show you exactly HOW to “be the change” and reap the rewards by providing a practical resource AND motivating you to follow-through with your desire to live a values-driven life. All you really have to do is turn off your brain and follow the instructions. Before you know it, you’ll have created and enjoyed 7 delicious plant-based breakfasts for real.

The first step? Check your email, you’ve received something from Living Atman already! Don’t think twice, just go for it! You’ve already come this far!!!