Do you find yourself being over-reactive, your emotions getting the best of you and affecting the people you love the most? Then join us for a sacred weekend of Kundalini yoga, meditation, creativity, chanting and self-study to reclaim your emotions as the source of your feminine power.

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MAGIC happens when women gather...

Get practical tools for cultivating a healthy emotional life and share this experience with a group of wise, beauty-full women. If you are feeling disconnected from your true Self and craving connection with conscious women, this retreat is for you! Together, we will take part in rituals and ceremonies that will help you release old emotional patterns.

This transformational gathering will connect you with a COMMUNITY OF EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN in a way you could not have imagined.



Wouldn't it feel amazing to live a life with fewer ups and downs and lot more calm and cool? That's exactly what this retreat is designed to teach you!

Through the sacred technology of Kundalini yoga, we will help you get a handle on your emotional fluctuations and show you how your range of emotions can maximize your peace, power and effectiveness in the world.


In the forested beauty of Bowen Island, you will learn about your 11 Moon Centres, and the critical way in which they affect your emotions, behaviours and decisions. The insight you'll gain will bring forth the best YOU in every relationship in your life – with your partner, children, friends and coworkers.

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We all have creative energy within us, so stop ignoring the urge to create! Through guided meditations, group exercises, and deep inner work, we will inspire you to experience the magic of self-expression during our blissful days together.


Kundalini Yoga and the Moon


Part of understanding ourselves as women lies in understanding our emotional tendencies and how we wax and wane like the moon. The ancient yogic teachings on the 11 Moon Centres of a woman give us a useful tool to work with these natural fluctuations.

Through detailed 'Moon Centre Sequence' work, you will leave with a toolkit of information to elevate your daily life to the next level.

Imagine leading your life with stability and grace rather than irritability and reaction. Join like-minded women for a powerful weekend of Kundalini yoga, guided visualizations and creative expression to bust out of the emotional ups and downs. 


Xenia: A Place To Be

Be held by nature and nourish your spirit at Xenia Island Retreat Centre


Retreat Centre

Beautiful rustic wooden cottages dot the stunning green forest, meadows and gardens. The cottages are lovingly crafted with wood, all in harmony with the glorious natural setting.

Listen to the bubbling creek or watch the deer wander through. No matter which cottage you choose, Xenia is an exquisite place for you to rest and rejuvenate in peace.



Stay in the spacious, bright Studio Cottage or enjoy the roomy, rustic Maple Cottage. Perhaps you'd prefer to get cozy in Garden Cottage or Creekside Cottage. Or embrace the simplicity of Oma Yurt. Each space has a unique charm, the perfect place to connect with nature, and each other!

Om Base

A wonderful eating and meeting place located next to beautiful organic gardens. Lounge on the deck and take in the sounds of nature. Watch the hummingbirds feed or the horses grazing in the meadow.



Spend your afternoons under the warm, spring sun exploring paths that lead to secret places in the woods and to stunning beaches. There are so many spiritually nourishing places to explore!


The Land

Take a short meditative hike to one of two gorgeous lakes: Lake Killarney and Honeymoon Lake. For a longer adventure, try Mount Gardner!

Labyrinth & Opa

Stroll through the mystical stone Labyrinth, or visit 1000-year-old Opa, which is one of only two old growth Douglas Firs on Bowen Island.

Meditation Sanctuary

Rest and reflect in the pristine silence of this sanctuary in the woods, where an eternal flame burns as a symbol for love and peace.

Are you READY to get back to YOUR inner tranquility?


Come experience your true nature in the forested beauty of Bowen Island.


A greenery-blessed sanctuary located at the entrance to Howe Sound, Bowen Island is only an hour away from Vancouver. Break free from the routine, and enjoy blissful morning sadhanas, silent nature walks and delicious, nutritious meals.

Immerse in nature and get the clarity you need to fully express your magnificence.

So many animal friends to meet, including Khodo. The loving creatures at Xenia are always here to keep you company.

So many animal friends to meet, including Khodo. The loving creatures at Xenia are always here to keep you company.

Meet Charlie the pot-bellied pig! He's one of the many beautiful animals that call Xenia home.

Meet Charlie the pot-bellied pig! He's one of the many beautiful animals that call Xenia home.




Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared fresh, just for you, using organic, whole ingredients. Enjoy delicious, nutrient-dense, plant-based meals to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, and to fuel your inner fire!



Each one of us knows the language of creativity intimately, whether we realize it or not. Whatever you do – whether it's making a soup, planting a garden, writing a business plan, or sewing a quilt – when women create, we come to life. Creativity is the energy of who we are at the core of our soul.

I invite you to explore the ancient wisdom of navigating the skies of your personal lunar journey with a powerful tool called Intentional Creativity.
— Guru Kiren
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Adding intention to our creative projects allows us to connect with our inner Self and seek from a space that knows our truest hopes and dreams. Creating with intention activates both sides of the brain, so we gain greater access to the wise information within. It’s the Soul seeking expression. 


An alchemical container to hold a treasure trove of information that will inform your journey during this retreat in a gorgeously visual way (also known as a fun, sparkly, tinkling notebook!).

You’ll take an unsuspecting notebook and through guided meditations and visualizations, you will transform it into a living treasure infused with your intentions and energy.

The Moon Knows Your Soul

Women, by nature, are lunar beings. The energy of the moon is peaceful, creative and flowing. Lunar energy is often misrepresented and misunderstood by society. That is why we can feel like our emotions are holding us back from success.

Through this transformational retreat, you will begin to see your emotions as an asset. The awareness you gain about your Moon Centres will allow you to deliver exactly what is needed, when it is needed, in a creative, precise and impactful way. How powerful is that?

Join us in this celebration of your emotional self! 


On this retreat, you will:

  • Unlock the mysterious qualities and forces found within each of the 11 Moon Centres

  • Experience the emotional rhythms of your psyche to predict behavioural patterns and emotional tendencies through Kundalini yoga and meditation

  • Learn how to track your unique lunar cycle using tools given to support this process

  • Discover remedies to help you stay balanced throughout your Lunar Cycle

  • Explore the subtleties of the Moon Centres through guided creative activities (no experience necessary!)
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Our Amazing Teachers

Guru Kiren Bio Photo.jpg

Guru Kiren Kaur

is a visionary artist who is passionate about spreading light through the lens of a divine feminine paradigm. She empowers women through yoga, White Tantric courses, painting workshops, her bakery, and worldwide summer camps.

Guru Kiren uses intentional creativity to empower women of all ages to reconnect with their creative centres and rich inner landscapes through painting.

Guru Kiren Kaur lives New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, with her gifted musician husband and her two talented daughters who are actively exploring creative paths.

Bir Kaur Khalsa O'Flaherty

has been immersed in the Kundalini yoga tradition for more than 20 years. Her passion lies in helping women recognize their true power. She believes that a woman is the heart of a family, and of a community.

As a doula and childbirth educator, Bir Kaur serves women during pregnancy and motherhood. She has led workshops and retreats on happiness and 'The Sacred Mother'.

Bir Kaur lives in Vancouver with her husband, and her two creative and exuberant young children. She has been instrumental in developing Vancouver’s Kundalini teacher training program.

It was such an amazing experience to meet all the beautiful creators and creations at this profound, transformative retreat! Thank you... Guru Kiren and each special lady that arrived without ego, open for transformation and left uplifted and united. My heart is full!
— Dawn ~ Boulder, Colorado ~ 2016

The Living Atman Team

Together, Meenu & Pawan are the sister duo who power Living Atman's wellness and community-building events. They hold space to allow others to open up and have experiences that can be truly enlightening. 

I’ve attended several Living Atman events now and I realized that you ladies don’t just put on an event, you’re creating experiences that touch on the human condition, invoke thought, enrich the soul, and encourage the heart. These events can have such a profound, awakening impact.
— Sandra G. ~ Burnaby, BC ~ February 2017



Your Experience


What's Included

  • 3 morning sadhanas, 6 classes and 3 evening meditations.
  • 3 delicious breakfasts, 3 nourishing lunches and 3 wholesome dinners
  • Rustic, shared accommodations for three nights (There are multiple beds per room, and they will be first come, first serve)
  • A notebook, and all supplies needed to create your very own Smashbook!
  • Supportive props from 3-Minute Egg and Jade yoga mats if needed
  • Exclusive access to the grounds at Xenia including the Meditation Sanctuary, the Labyrinth, and Opa
  • Opportunities to connect with Bir Kaur and Guru Kiren Kaur throughout the weekend!

What's Not Included

  • Ferry cost, and any other cost related to travelling to and from Xenia Island Retreat Centre
  • Any personal phone calls or taxi costs incurred during the retreat
  • Laundry
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

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In Joy,
Meenu & Pawan

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