Do you find yourself being over-reactive, your emotions getting the best of you and affecting the people you love the most? Then join us for a sacred weekend of Kundalini yoga, meditation, creativity, chanting and self-study to reclaim your emotions as the source of your feminine power.

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MAGIC happens when women gather...

Get practical tools for cultivating a healthy emotional life and share this experience with a group of wise, beauty-full women. If you are feeling disconnected from your true Self and craving connection with conscious women, this retreat is for you! Together, we will take part in rituals and ceremonies that will help you release old emotional patterns.

This transformational gathering will connect you with a COMMUNITY OF EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN in a way you could not have imagined.



Wouldn't it feel amazing to live a life with fewer ups and downs and lot more calm and cool? That's exactly what this retreat is designed to teach you!

Through the sacred technology of Kundalini yoga, we will help you get a handle on your emotional fluctuations and show you how your range of emotions can maximize your peace, power and effectiveness in the world.


In the forested beauty of Bowen Island, you will learn about your 11 Moon Centres, and the critical way in which they affect your emotions, behaviours and decisions. The insight you'll gain will bring forth the best YOU in every relationship in your life – with your partner, children, friends and coworkers.

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We all have creative energy within us, so stop ignoring the urge to create! Through guided meditations, group exercises, and deep inner work, we will inspire you to experience the magic of self-expression during our blissful days together.


Kundalini Yoga and the Moon


Part of understanding ourselves as women lies in understanding our emotional tendencies and how we wax and wane like the moon. The ancient yogic teachings on the 11 Moon Centres of a woman give us a useful tool to work with these natural fluctuations.

Through detailed 'Moon Centre Sequence' work, you will leave with a toolkit of information to elevate your daily life to the next level.

Imagine leading your life with stability and grace rather than irritability and reaction. Join like-minded women for a powerful weekend of Kundalini yoga, guided visualizations and creative expression to bust out of the emotional ups and downs.