Are you ready to eat better, optimize your health and make the kinder choice for the planet? 


Join Preet Marwaha for a 3-day culinary immersion to start living your best life, right now!


Perhaps you’ve been...

...Overwhelmed by the heaps of contradicting advice around healthy eating?
No worries, we’ll make it simple!

...Uninspired by boring and bland meals?
Make food that tastes great – we'll show you!

...Unsure of how to stay motivated and make changes that last?
Easy peasy – let’s do it together!

...Skeptical about getting the nutrients you need without eating meat?
It’s possible, we promise!

...Feeling like you’ve made too many unhealthy choices and it’s too late?
Not true! Learn how whole food can heal!

...Not sure you can afford it?
Let's work out a custom payment plan together!

Imagine finally following through on your commitment to eat better. Take the first step to get the success you’ve been wanting in the kitchen.

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~ Energize ~

Learn how to fuel your body, elevate your mind and nourish your soul with food.

When you are functioning optimally and full of vitality, there is nothing that you can’t do.  Let's get powered up!

~ Experience ~

You will work in small teams and get the 1-1 guidance you need to prepare dishes that are nutritious and delicious!

Healthy eating has never been easier and good health has never tasted better!



~ Inspire ~

Connect with a community of people who are eating better for themselves and for the planet.

Join a beautiful network of forward-thinking humans who will be your inspiration, motivation and support as you embark on a journey to optimal health!


Preet Marwaha is the head chef at Eat Well, Live Happy. As a lifestyle coach, Preet has worked with business executives, Olympic athletes, and busy families to teach them about the extraordinary healing power of whole food.


Preet Marwaha | Founder of OrganicLives

Preet Marwaha | Founder of OrganicLives

Hi, I'm Preet!

Although I grew up seeing my grandmother preparing fresh, whole food with love, in my teens I began eating junk food and became happily oblivious to my unhealthy lifestyle. At 18, I became really sick and my health got progressively worse over the next two years. 

After years of taking pharmaceuticals, I received a very grim diagnosis. At 20, I had to make a drastic change–my life depended on it. Inspired by John Robbins’ Diet for a New America, I set out to heal myself with food. One year later, my doctors were shocked by my recovery

Since then, I’ve studied food from farm to table and I've witnessed the healing power of pure, whole foods firsthand. We can become healthy and create a better world by making informed choices guided by love and compassion. Join me for my first ever cooking immersion from April 13-15, 2017 and I’ll show you exactly how to eat well and live happy.

I was a workaholic and by all accounts burnt out–20 pounds overweight, totally exhausted, and rundown. Two years after working with Preet, I make my own juices, I dehydrate and I celebrate food. I run trail races. My chronic pain is a mere dull ache. My business is thriving. Preet changed my life. I’m going to live to be 107. No doubt.”
— Kim ~ Vancouver

A wellness foodie’s dream . . . don’t miss this rare opportunity!

You've seen the food documentaries, now it's time get off the couch and into the kitchen!

Throughout the weekend, you'll cook up culinary creations that would impress any chef or food critic! Learn trade secrets from master chef Preet Marwaha including recipes for some of his most sought-after dishes. Check out a few of our favourites by Preet!

Eat Well, Live Happy is the jumpstart you need to reset your eating habits! This hands-on training is your opportunity to prepare incredible plant-based meals.


Topics we will cover:

  • The Mythology of Food – Find out what no one is telling you about so-called superfoods, fad diets, mass consumerism, food marketing and protein.

  • 7 Foundational Elements of Healthy Living – Learn the guiding principles to help you make healthy choices for the rest of your life.

  • The Alkaline Body – Bring your body back to a healthy PH.

  • Breaking Down Breakfast – Make the most important meal of the day the most nutrient-rich meal of the day!

  • Flavouring Balancing and Seasoning – Food doesn't have to be bland and boring, add punch with herbs, spices and sauces.

  • Healthy Snacking – Replace chips and cookies with incredibly simple snacks to take control of cravings.

  • Demystifying Juices and Smoothies – Learn the basics to creating yummy blended drinks that can sustain you for the entire day.

  • Plant-Based Cooking Techniques – Make fruits, vegetables and grains shine on your table.

  • Living in Optimal Health – Get on track to creating a disease-free body with food.

The Living Atman Team

Together, Meenu & Pawan are the sister duo who power Living Atman's wellness and community-building events. They hold space to allow others to open up and have experiences that can be truly enlightening. 

I’ve attended several Living Atman events now and I realized that you ladies don’t just put on an event, you’re creating experiences that touch on the human condition, invoke thought, enrich the soul, and encourage the heart. These events can have such a profound, awakening impact.
— Sandra G. ~ Burnaby, BC ~ February 2017

Your Experience


What's Included

  • 3 full days of hands-on training, indepth cooking knowledge, and yummy food conversations throughout the weekend!
  • 9 delicious meals including 3 power-packed breakfasts, 3 quick and easy lunches and 3 fabulous dinners!
  • Phenomenal vegan desserts that will wow you AND your guests on any occasion!
  • Access to some of Preet's most sought-after recipes!
  • The use of all equipment required to prepare scrumptious plant-based meals (including a Vitamix, Dehydrator, Food Processor)
  • Whole, organic ingredients that are sourced from local vendors when possible
  • Opportunities to connect with Preet Marwaha 1-1 throughout the weekend!

What's Not Included

  • Accommodations and transportation
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

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